Humble Bundle Made $6.1 Million From E-Books Last Year

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Humble Bundle, a site that lets users pay what they want for bundles of e-books, earned $6.1 million from e-book revenues last year.

The site offers bundles of related DRM-free content, such as comics or sci-fi books, for a suggested price but allows users to pay more or less as they choose. Shoppers can also select how the money is distributed. For instance, readers can decide which percentage goes to the publisher, the author, charity and Humble Bundle (the company suggests a 15 percent tip).

Publishers Weekly has more:

About half, 16 bundles, were comic-book-related and brought in just over $3 million. Humble Bundle has raised about $272 million in total revenue from digital games (and now e-books) since it was founded in 2010.