How’s My Blogging?: Our First Ever Reader Survey

By Neal Comment

clipart-clipboard.jpgIt occurred to me recently that although I’ve been writing GalleyCat for nearly three years now, and I’ve had plenty of anecdotal feedback about the site from individual readers, and I have never conducted a formal survey—in essence, I’ve been winging it this whole time.

So I would like to ask you to take a few moments to answer some brief questions that will help us learn a bit more about you and what types of stories you’d like to see GalleyCat cover. The survey is strictly confidential, and the data collected will be used solely to evaluate readership patterns at the broadest levels. But and I will be giving the survey results careful consideration, just as we monitor more explicitly quantitative benchmarks of this blog’s performance, and your answers are likely to have some long-term impact on our future direction.

[UPDATE, 12:01 A.M. Tuesday: Nearly 100 readers have taken the survey already, which means that the first round of polling is likely to close later this morning. Thank you to all the participants; I’ve already got some interesting ideas for future content based on the information you shared with us. And if you didn’t get a chance to take part yesterday, keep an eye out: and I may try to obtain a second sampling later this week.]