How Writers Can Use Dropbox Apps

By Jason Boog Comment

Are you frustrated with the writing and storage capabilities of your tablet computer or smartphone?

Using the cloud-based file service Dropbox, you can turn your mobile device into a powerful writing machine–reading PDFs, editing Microsoft Word documents or storing eBooks. We’ve assembled a list of five different apps that use Dropbox in innovative ways. Follow the links below to install.

The Next Web has more about Dropbox: “The company now stands 45 people strong, has an estimated 18M active users and the users base is increasing by 15%  every month … Even though Dropbox is adding million of users a month, they still face challenges. Appealing to non-technical users is a shortcoming that was identified from the start.”

1. GoodReader: “If you need to read huge PDF, or TXT files, you’ve come to the right place … Within moments of downloading GoodReader, you’ll be transferring files directly from your computer over a USB cable (iPads only for now), a Wi-Fi connection, from the Internet or from email attachments. It also easily integrates with … services like Google Docs and Dropbox.”

2. PlainText: “For editing text on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. PlainText is a simple text editor with an uncomplicated, paper-like user interface. Unlike the default Notes app, PlainText allows you to create and organize your documents in folders and sync everything with”

3. iCab Mobile: “Web Browser for iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad with download manager, fullscreen mode, Tabs. Dropbox support allows to export/import bookmarks, save pictures, web-sites, downloaded files on your dropbox account.”

4. Office²: “You can view, create and edit document (DOC/DOCX) and workbook (XLS) files on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. With Google Docs, Dropbox and MobileMe iDisk integration.”

5. iA Writer: “The key to good writing is focus. Writer allows you to fully concentrate on your text. How Writer works: 1. Focus Mode creates a noise free writing space. 2. Professional Typography facilitates the process of reading. 3. Reading Time gives you an approximation of how long it will take to read your text. 4. Keyboard Extensions provides arrow keys and punctuation. 5. Dropbox allows web synchronization of your documents from iPad to the cloud, seamlessly, so you don’t have to spend time syncing with iTunes.”