How To Read Your Old Tweets

By Jason Boog Comment

Many of the writers, editors and publishing professionals in the audience have been churning out tweets for years. However, it is very difficult to search, track and archive this massive collection of your writing.

Using the amazing tool TweetScan, you can actually generate an archive of all your tweets that goes back to the olden days of December 2007. Follow this link to create your own archive–a fascinating look at your microblogging evolution.

AllTwitter explained the service: “You can choose whether to view just your old tweets, or include and one or more of the following: @replies, your friends’ tweets, your followers’ tweets, direct messages, or favorite tweets. Your tweets are presented in a “TiddlyWiki” format, which means you can make notes and edit the pages. This service is great for an at-a-glance view of your older tweets, or if you want to review your tweet strategy in more detail.”

UPDATE: Blogger and major Twitter user Mike Cane reported that the service only went back as far as July 2008 in his tweet stream. Both the GalleyCat Twitter feed and this editor’s Twitter feed were started in 2009–so we can’t test farther back in time.

How did TweetScan work for you?