How to Publish Your Favorite Wikipedia Pages

By Jason Boog Comment

Through a long term partnership with the Wikimedia Foundation, Pedia Press can now help you create a print-on-demand version of your favorite pages from the online encyclopedia.

Prices for these customized books start at $8.90. The Book Bench has an excellent analysis of the project, and pointed us towards the helpful video above.

Here’s more from Book Bench: “Perhaps I was lulled into submission by the narrator’s lovely, Isabella Rossellini-esque accent, but a customized Wiki book (not to be confused with a Wicca book) now strikes me as a wonderfully democratic thing. You’ll note that the video doesn’t feature someone making a book on one of Wikipedia’s more hotly debated entries—like Justin Bieber, Bonnie and Clyde, or Scientology. Clearly, PediaPress is a better idea when it comes to subjects that are relatively innocuous and highly personal, like travel.”