How to Pitch The Huffington Post‘s Book Section

By Jason Boog Comment

amyhertz23.jpgAs publicists around the country prepare to pitch The Huffington Post‘s brand new books section, editor Amy Hertz (pictured) had one clear piece of advice: “This is NOT a book review section. Let me say that again, because I know about 72,000 publicists just plotzed because they have no idea what to do other than ask for a review.”

Our blogging siblings over at PRNewser analyzed Hertz’s open letter to publicists, delivering apt advice for pitching many book-related blogs. Hertz’s post also took a jab at the art of book reviewing as well. “Book reviews tend to be conversation enders, and when you’re living in the age of engagement, a time when people are looking for conversation starters, that stance gets you nowhere,” she wrote. A chorus of literary types have joined the debate in the comments section.

Here’s an excerpt from PRNewser: “So, how do you get into HuffPo books? Blog for the site, engage their readers, pitch two to four months in advance of the release date, and of course develop relationships with editors.”