How To Find the Top Customer Reviewers on Amazon

By Jason Boog Comment


The literary world has been debating the merits of Amazon customer reviews lately, but the online bookseller maintains a long list of reviewers that have rated books for years–earning the faith of Amazon customers.

Follow this link if you want to see Amazon’s list of the Top Customer Reviewers. You can also explore the Amazon reviewer Hall of Fame to see reviewers who have held these spots in the past.

Journalist Alexis Grant has more: “As for finding each reviewer’s contact information, they sometimes make it easy for you by including an email address on their profile page (which you get to simply by clicking on their name). Reviewers also sometimes explain on their profiles (left side, under their photo) what types of books they do and don’t review … [if you write them] include the reviewer’s name and maybe even a reference to that person’s reviews and why you think he’d want to review your book. In other words, writing an effective email pitch the recipient will actually read.”