How To Find Reviewers for Self Published Books

By Jason Boog Comment

Many self-published authors struggle to earn reviews in a crowded marketplace. We’ve found two free services that will connect independent writers with online reviewers looking for books.

The Indie Reviewer List is a growing online directory of critics who have signed up for the service.  To access the list of reviewers, writers only need to register for the site. Check it out:

To be on this list the Indie Reviewer has to be: Actively posting reviews, review eBooks, not charge for their reviews, not be affiliated to a publisher and have submission guidelines in place for an Indie author to submit an eBook

The Book Blogger List is a directory of online readers who might be interested in your book.

All of the bloggers in the directory have signed up for the free service and shared the genres they like to read. Here’s more information for authors:

Keep in mind that when approaching a book blogger about your book, use your manners and your common sense. Don’t approach a blogger who only reads children’s lit to read your non-fiction business book. Choose bloggers that are interested in your genre. Please don’t leave comments on this database. Use the links to take you to the site of a book blogger that you are interested in and follow the instructions on their blog.

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