How To Look for a Publishing Job at BEA

By Jason Boog Comment

Last night we received an email with a simple request: “Dear GalleyCat, tell me how to find a job at BEA 2011.”

The anonymous letter writer continued: “I’ve been looking for a lit blog that does advice columns and have come up short, so I am emailing you. I’ll be attending BEA 2011 for work. I love my job, I love editing, I love my boss, but I work in non-New York and would like to transition into trade … preferably in New York. I’m trying to figure out how I can best use my time at BEA 2011 to make connections and get my name out.”

Below, we’ve listed ten different workshops and tricks to help all the publishing professionals looking for new opportunities at BookExpo America. Add your tips in the comments section.

1. Check out Mediabistro’s book publishing job board. Then, cross reference the list of New York City job openings with the BEA floor plan–connect with all the publishers looking to hire new people.

2. Go to as many parties as you possibly can on Evil Wylie’s Ultimate BEA Party Guide. The friendships and contacts you make around the literary world will help you in your job hunt.

3. Attend the Editors Buzz Forums to get a sense of the hot titles and trends in publishing.

4. Learn 10 Things Book People Have To Know About Video to improve your multimedia skills.

5. Study book stunts from around the world–a discussion focused on “Surprising Marketing Practices from Around the World and What We Can Learn from Them.”

6. Brush up on your Facebook promotion skills at the Advanced Facebook workshop.

7. Consider moving to the bustling world of children’s book publishing, check out the huge slate of events for Children’s Book Professionals.

8. Brush up on your Twitter skills with an Advanced Twitter workshop.

9. Explore the entire floor! This GalleyCat editor enjoys randomly wandering around BEA looking for stories. Coincidence and a little bit of luck will help you find the new publishers you want to work with someday.

10. Consider moving to Brazil, Russia, India and China–explore these countries in the Next Big Super Markets workshop.