How Much Is an Email Newsletter Worth?

By Jason Boog Comment

How much is an email newsletter worth? lets you build an email newsletter and decide if you want to charge readers for the newsletter subscription.

Currently, paid newsletter subscription prices range from 99-cents per month for “Brutal Film Reviews” by Jeremy Galen to $9.97 per month for “Fundraising Kick” by Marc A. Pitman.

Here’s more about the service: ” Payments through amazon. Publish letters as often as you want by emailing your secret email address. Subscribers can reply to your letters to privately comment back to you. If you want to give away subscriptions to friends/supporters, simply enter the email addresses that should get free copies in your dashboard. You can add your Facebook or Twitter accounts; we will publish the subject of your emails with a link to subscribe. When you want to get paid, simply click cash out. You have total control over your subscribers… So you can unsubscribe people if you want.”

Former GalleyCat editor and author Emily Gould posted her support for Justin Wolfe‘s $2.22 per month newsletter, generating a wave of commentary on Tumblr. Check it out:

A small personal pet peeve of mine is when people “like” or RT or fav or whatever something that is for sale, then don’t buy it. (“It’s nice to be liked,” etc).  Anyway: I am buying Justin’s undefinable internet art.  You should too.  We should all buy each others’ things that we like, and not just click something that expresses a passing enthusiasm for them. (Besides, it is very inexpensive!)