How Publishers Can Earn Followers on Twitter

By Jason Boog Comment

flwbooks.jpgWhen used correctly, Twitter can be a powerful tool for publishers. Last week one book-focused website counted more than one hundred thousand Twitter followers. We found out how they did it.

Today’s guest on the Morning Media Menu was Peter Steinberg, co-founder of Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations–a book curating site with well over 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Press play below to listen.

“Twitter has proven to be the single most valuable aspect, when it comes to marketing, of our business,” Steinberg explained. He added: “Probably by the time a lot of your readers hear this, we’ll be at 102,000. We seem to go up a thousand followers a week now … The key is to provide great content. We’re not trying to shill anything. We’re not pushing just our stuff. We’re not trying to convince you. All we’re doing is trying to tell you about great books.”

Steinberg concluded: “We have a huge number of lists on the site. Almost all the lists that have been added in the last year by people who found us on Twitter. It’s generated a tremendous amount of content. We’ve gotten a tremendous number of blog mentions from people who have found us on Twitter. Dozens and dozens, probably hundreds by now. I’ve literally lost track. A large number of press mentions too.”

In addition, Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations has been working with GalleyCat Reviews readers to build new lists of book recommendations.