Haunted House Sociologist Lands Book Deal

By Jason Boog Comment

Margee Kerr, the staff sociologist Pittsburgh’s ScareHouse, has inked a book deal to write about her experiences working at that famous haunted house.

The publisher described the book in the official announcement: “one brave woman’s adventures amid ghosts, spiders, snakes, and other things we love to fear.” McCormick & Williams agent Alia Hanna Habib negotiated the deal with Ben Adams at PublicAffairs. Here’s more about the author:

Kerr, who holds a doctorate degree in sociology, has studied the science of fear for years, and has been sharing her expertise with The ScareHouse since 2008 … The ScareHouse has been named as one of America’s scariest Halloween Attractions by Travel Channel and ranked as one of the country’s best haunted houses by USA Today and Haunted Attraction magazine.

You can follow Kerr’s writing on Twitter, but she has also narrated a series of “Scare U” videos on YouTube about the science behind haunted houses. We’ve embedded those videos below for your weekend viewing pleasure…

This video has earned 57,000 views: “What do creepy dolls, Japanese Robots, and a computer generated Tom Hanks have in common? They kind of freak us out. Dr. Margee Kerr reveals why.”

This video covers another important topic: “From Pennywise to Creepo, why are we so scared of clowns?”

Finally, this video focused on zombies: “Why are we so afraid, and yet so much in love, with the living dead hordes? And why is Pittsburgh the Zombie Capital of The World?”