Haruki Murakami Playlist for 1Q84

By Jason Boog Comment

q84.jpgBooktunes has published an iTunes playlist collecting 12 songs from the first part of Haruki Murakami’s new novel, 1Q84.

The book rocketed up the bestseller list in Japan, but English-speaking readers won’t be able to read the novel until September 2011. Luckily, we can listen to the music already. The Booktunes playlist contains a fascinating range of music, from Nat King Cole jazz to Janaceks’ Sinfonietta.

Here’s more from Booktunes: “As soon as Booktunes began Murakami’s long awaited new novel, 1q84, we knew we were in for a good time: the first of the three parts of his magnum opus opens with Janacecks Sinfonietta. Even better, after that the book overflows with references to pop music and jazz. Literature and music, Booktunes’ two favourite things, combine to create the complex worlds of 1984 and 1q84 and tell a typically spellbinding story that addresses the usual Murakami themes and subjects.”

Earlier this week, we linked to a Men’s Health China photo spread (pictured) that adapted 1Q84. Moko blog has more pictures from the photo spread. Warning: The spread apparently contains many spoilers about the novel, so view at your own risk.