Happy Holidays from GalleyCat!

By Neal Comment

Let’s close out our annual winter pet photo parade with a few more holiday-themed pictures…


“We were surprised when Lula developed a sudden interest in Judaism, though she has yet to move beyond the ‘knocking the lit candles out of the menorah’ phase,” emails Lena Phoenix, “but she has always shown an interest in religious matters.” Phoenix explained that while she was writing her first novel, The Heart of a Cult, Lula was particularly fond of sitting on the pages of freshly printed drafts.

Pistachio may look familiar to readers with young children—he’s the model for Ian Schoenherr‘s Cat and Mouse. Although usually, Schoenherr reports, “he’s not this animated.”

And Kat Meyer of The Bookish Dilettante sends us a collage with Tosca the cat and pugs Petunia and Diesel (the latter of whom is “still learning the difference between ‘smile’ and ‘look at the ground'”). “They are bookish pets that love being read to but don’t like wearing silly Santa hats,” she tells us.


Finally, author Gail Graham and her service dog, Bao, settle in for a Christmas dinner in this photo from 2007. Graham’s fourth novel, Sea Changes, comes out next summer.