Happy Holidays from GalleyCat

By Jason Boog Comment

Photo_051109_002.jpgHappy holidays from GalleyCat Headquarters. We are signing off for the holiday weekend, but we’ll be back on Monday with more publishing news, more pet photos, and a comprehensive look at the year in publishing.

In the meantime, check out our “Brightest Moments in Publishing” list for the year and add your favorite moments in the comments section. Most importantly, turn the Internet off! This is the perfect time to curl up with a good book.

Above is a picture of dedicated GalleyCat reader Stinkyboy. This multitasking cat works alongside FinePrint Literary agent Colleen Lindsay. More literary animal photos follow after the jump, part of our annual photograph feature about GalleyCat-reading pets.

basil_farrow_mia_la_carmina.jpgIn this picture, Scottish Fold cat Basil Farrow poses with author La Carmina and actress Mia Farrow. The author explained: “Basil Farrow is acknowledged in both my books — I couldn’t have done them without his adorable inspiration. He is one of the main characters in my cookbook Cute Yummy Time; there are several recipes designed after him, and the storyline is about Basil’s adventures in the land of cuteness.”

Elvis basket - . 008.jpgFinally Ingrid Selberg, the director of children’s publishing at Simon & Schuster UK, sent in this sunny picture: “Here is Elvis, my elderly Maine Coon, helping me with the weeding in the spring in my London Garden. Not a holiday pix but reminds us of the joys of spring on these cold snowy days.”