Handcrafted Nine Inch Nails Tribute Book on Etsy

By Jason Boog Comment

Journalist Daphne Carr just published Pretty Hate Machine with Continuum’s 33 1/3 series–a 190-page study of Nine Inch Nail’s debut album from 1989.

To promote the book, she is selling a handcrafted edition (pictured) of the book on Etsy. If you (like this GalleyCat editor) have fond memories of singing “I just want something / I just want something I can never have!” at the top of your lungs in high school, you might want to check out the $25 special edition of the book on Etsy.

Here’s more about the special edition: “[It] features a black cloth hand-bound cover stamped in silver foil, slate-grey interior papers, and hand-numbered title page with dedication to the purchaser or recipient of the gift. The package includes three limited-edition die cut ‘n’ bookmarks and will be wrapped in your choice of brown, silver, black paper … This project was created by the professional bookbinder and letterpress operator Davin Kuntze, of Woodside Press, in consultation with book’s author, Daphne Carr. It is their collaborative work to celebrate the spirit of the band itself, which has continually sought to engage, challenge, and usurp the commodity form with brilliantly crafted albums, singles, and boxed sets.” (Via Ami Greko)