Groupon IPO Filing Counts 925 Editorial Staffers

By Jason Boog Comment

Groupon filed for IPO yesterday, aiming to raise $750 million from investors. Amid the flurry of figures, we spotted something that GalleyCat readers will appreciate–the company currently employs 925 editorial staff members.

Early in the filing, Groupon celebrated its “vigorously fact-checked editorial content.” If the company continues to grow at its expected rate, the group coupon site could become an important employer for writers around the country–explore a reportedly leaked copy of the company’s Editorial Manual on Metafilter.

What do you think? Here’s more from the SEC filing: “Our editorial department is responsible for creating editorial content on the daily deals we offer, as well as additional content featured on our website. Each deal that we feature typically goes through several stages to ensure that the deal description meets our standards for accuracy, quality and editorial voice. After offer details are reviewed, our editorial staff verifies the accuracy of the deal and its value through independent research. Once a deal is vetted, our editorial staff drafts a full description of the deal, which is passed through voice editing and copy editing before being launched.”