Gordon Brown Lands Book Deal with Simon & Schuster

By Maryann Yin Comment

gordon-brown.jpgFormer British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has landed a book deal with Simon & Schuster, and publication is set for November 2010. Simon & Schuster, Inc.’s Free Press imprint is publishing it in the US. Simon & Schuster UK will handle the United Kingdom publication.

Sterling Lord Literistic agent Philippa Brophy sold the book. Brown is not a first-time author. His last publication, Britain’s Everyday Heroes, was published by Mainstream Publishing in July 2007. This non-fiction book chronicled the inspirational actions of thirty-three ordinary citizens who each pledged a deep commitment to a cause or a community.

As Prime Minister, Brown was often praised for his aptitude in the subject of economics. Brown had this statement: “We now live in a world of global trade, global financial flows, global movements of people and instant global communications. Our economies are connected as never before, and I believe that global economic problems require global solutions and global institutions. In writing my analysis of the financial crisis, I wanted to help explain how we got here, but more importantly to offer some recommendations as to how the next stage of globalization can be managed so that the economy works for people and not the other way around.”