Google eBookstore Cheered by Indie Booksellers

By Jason Boog Comment

Google eBookstore (the bookselling project formerly known as Google Editions) launched this morning. According to the site, Google eBookstore features  three million free ebooks and “hundreds of thousands” of books you can buy–including a huge selection of books from independent bookstores around the country.

eBookNewser had a statement from American Booksellers Association (ABA) president Michael Tucker, the co-owner of Books Inc.  in California: “This partnership with Google is an important chapter in the renaissance we’ve been seeing in independent bookselling. It allows our membership to better compete with corporate retailers on selection, price, and convenience. It levels the playing field.”

The ABA has created a list (which will be updated periodically) of these participating stores. What do you think? Can this new platform help indies survive as the major booksellers evolve?

In addition, Google eBookstore will be a hot topic of conversation at our upcoming eBook Summit. Follow these links to read more about eBook pricing and eBook reviews in Google’s new store.