Gilmore Girls-Themed Cookbook Featured on Kickstarter

By Maryann Yin Comment


Have you ever wished you could join in on a meal with the Gilmore Girls in Stars Hollow? Kristi Carlson has amassed more than $23,000 on Kickstarter for the “Eat Like a Gilmore” cookbook.

The original goal for this fundraising venture was set at $20,000. We’ve embedded a video about this project above.

Here’s more from the Kickstarter page: “This book will be made up of 3 collections: (1) Foods from a small-town diner (2) Foods served at fancy Friday Night Dinners and (3) Foods served at charming, eclectic, independent inns. Focusing on these three categories provides a broad range of dishes – everything from cheeseburgers to salmon puffs, pancakes to risotto.”

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