Garrison Keillor to Celebrate Penguin’s 75th Anniversary: Perhaps Publishing Will Not ‘Slide Into the Sea?’

By Jason Boog Comment

A few weeks after declaring “book publishing is about to slide into the sea,” author and radio host Garrison Keillor will go for a ride in the Penguin Anniversary-mobile–a Mini-Cooper covered in logos celebrating the publisher’s 75th anniversary.

At BEA last week, GalleyCat caught up with the Penguin Anniversary-mobile, finding out more about the car’s nation-wide tour. Keillor will join the festivities in Minnesota. Watch the video embedded above for more information.
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Here’s more from Penguin’s site: “It will be appearing at bookstores across the country and bringing some of Penguin’s well-known authors to anniversary parties at bookstores in their hometowns. At each anniversary event, a set of 75 of the most iconic titles from Penguin Books will be donated to a local library or literacy group. Each author will sign the Penguin-mobile as it makes its way across the United States. When the celebration is complete Penguin will auction the car with the proceeds going to a literary nonprofit organization.”