GalleyPup Types In Our Pet Parade

By Jason Boog Comment

Welcome to GalleyCat’s annual pet parade, a holiday display of literary pets around the globe. GalleyCat readers have sent in pictures all week–the largest response we’ve ever received to the pet parade. Look for more pet pictures all week.

Editor Vicki Gundrum sent the excellent picture embedded above, here’s more: “Diva is my first reader on everything I write. She has an especially good ear for dialog but can get carried away and insert small rodent McGuffins as plot twists. These I dispatch. Here I’ve caught her messing with the original manuscript. She really needs to start writing her own books.”

Follow this link to see more pet parade photos. More cute pictures follow below–click to enlarge the individual photos.

Reader Alison Pace sent that picture: “This is Carlie, dog and muse of Alison Pace. ¬†An all-around outstanding canine.”

Author Alexander Campion submitted that photo of his P.G. Wodehouse-loving cat.

Author Rowland Jones sent that photo: “This is Archie jealously guarding a Moleskine whilst also pursuing his chosen vocation of sleeping and looking unbearably cute! He is my relaxation Guru.”

Author Allia Zobel Nolan sent that cat picture: “Here’s my 23-pounder, MacDuff, keeping the Baby Jesus company under the tree.”