GalleyCats Never Rest

By Jason Boog Comment


GalleyCat is much more than just a metaphorical name. For a few crazy days at the end of each year, GalleyCat readers and their pets rule the blog. To kick it off, Rose Fox, from Genreville sent pictures of these literary cats.

“Can you spot all three cats in this picture? Sam (background) and Java (foreground) help author Catherynne M. “Cat” Valente edit one of her manuscripts,” she wrote GalleyCat. “Sam is especially at home in the high-pressure world of novel-writing, remaining uncharacteristically calm as manuscript pages fly everywhere.”

rosefoxcatms2.jpgWelcome to GalleyCat’s annual literary pet parade, a publishing holiday tradition established by former senior editor Ron Hogan during his four-year tenure at this blog. Follow this link to read more about the annual photo spread and find out where our former senior editor is headed next.

She concluded: “My home office is equipped with everything a freelance editor could need: a comfortable place to sit, a CMS, a giant teddy bear to sob into when the errors are just too awful, and a cute cat for entertainment and distraction.”