GalleyCat Exclusive: $199 EBook Reader

By Jeff Rivera Comment


BE Book gave GalleyCat and TeleRead an exclusive first look at their $199 Mini Ebook Reader by BE Book which BE Book CEO, Johan Hagenbeuk said will be “available for purchase by June 30, 2009.”

Hagenbeuk stated that GalleyCat’s Jeff Rivera and TeleRead’s Paul Biba were the “very first Americans to test the unit out”. Rivera found the unit to be incredibly easy to use, light and portable.

This small unit (about 5″) would be perfect for the busy executive who wants to stuff it in his jacket pocket or purse. The attractive price will make a great stocking stuffer come Christmas and its easy interface simple enough for middle school or even an elementary school student to use.

Although not as well-known as the Kindle 2 or Sony Ebook Reader, nor as light in weight or colorful as the new Cool-ER Reader, The Mini BE Book also comes with a port for a $30 wireless card that will be available so that consumers can easily download ebooks to their device, which has already been configured for and many other popular ebook reading stores. It looks as if the Kindle 2 will finally have its wireless competitor sooner than anticipated.

Jeff Rivera is the author of “Forever My Lady” and the founder of