Freywatch: UK publisher pulls head out of sand

By Carmen Comment

So remember last week when we essentially laughed in the face of Frey’s UK publisher John Murray for insisting that the controversy didn’t extend across the Atlantic? Well evidently they realized how stupid they sounded and now they, too, will be issuing further editions of A MILLION LITTLE PIECES with an author’s note “prominently included.”

In a statement released by the publisher and picked up by the Bookseller, m.d. Roland Philipps said: “The controversy over James Frey’s memoir has been followed closely at John Murray and Hodder Headline. It is not the policy or stance of the company to publish non-fiction books where the accuracy of the facts as the author knows them is in doubt.”

The author’s note — and you know, for all that everyone’s making statements about the fact that one will be written, has anyone actually seen a draft of the damn thing? — will eventually be prominently displayed at Hodder Headline’s website. Assuming, of course, Frey actually writes it…