Freelance Writers & the Affordable Care Act

By Jason Boog Comment


We collected some Affordable Care Act resources for freelance writers recently, but author Roberta Winter urged freelance writers to think carefully about these complex choices.

Winter wrote Unraveling U.S. Health Care: A Personal Guide, leading people through these tough decisions. She offered some advice for freelance writers:

Since freelance writers do not typically make much money, the insurance exchanges will afford them the opportunity to choose from 4 health plans, platinum, gold, silver, and bronze and receive government subsidies, based on their adjusted gross income. The subsidies vary between 93 percent and 100 percent of the premium, based on the silver plan premiums.

She continued:

The problem is, unless you qualify as really poor, you may end up with an insurance plan that has high deductibles, a 30 percent out of pocket co-payment, and still have limited access to primary care. You need to think about this in two parts; the cost and provision of the subsidized insurance and access to clinicians based on the former. Does one help with the other?

She concluded:

Remember, the insurance doesn’t cover all types of care, as insurance plans have limitations. The wellness criteria hasn’t been tested yet, so it remains to be seen how broad those services will be to qualify for reimbursement.

Finally, don’t forget that the writing lifestyle of sitting, thinking and more sitting can be dangerous for your health. Check out our three ways to build a healthy writing routine post for more ideas.

Photo via brad montgomery