Freakonomics Film ‘Name Your Price’ Promo

By Maryann Yin Comment

If you could name your price to see a movie, what would it be? Answer that question on September 22nd when select Landmark Theaters host a “Pay Want You Want” special for advanced screenings of the Freakonomics documentary film. The movie, which was first available exclusively on iTunes will officially be released to theaters on October 1st as verified by the above embedded trailer.

Movie-goers will be required to answer a short questionnaire before submitting their admission fee. They can pay anything within the range of $0.01 to $100.

The press release explains the purpose behind this special: “The data collected anonymously at the time of purchase will be analyzed by authors [Stephen J.] Dubner and [Steven D.] Levitt to identify what factors and circumstances prompt movie-goers to pay more or less for their screening tickets. In the spirit of the creative, incentives-based thinking behind Freakonomics, the pay-what-you-want screenings reference a popular experiment from the original book, in which authors Levitt and Dubner analyze how people interact with a weekly, pay-what-you-want bagel delivery service.”