‘Frankenstein Theory’ Co-Writer Shares Script Advice: ‘Send it out. Get rejected. Start another screenplay.’

By Jason Boog Comment

On today’s edition of the Morning Media Menu, we spoke with Andrew Weiner, director and co-writer of The Frankenstein Theory. Press play below to listen on SoundCloud.

The screenwriter shared tips for other aspiring filmmakers, exploring the script-writing process. Follow this link to watch the trailer for the scary found-footage movie. He offered this advice for first-time writers:

If you are an aspiring writer, just focus on the screenplay. Really focus on the craft of screenwriting. The screenwriters that I know who have become successful, almost all of them went through years and years of struggle. Writing, writing, writing without selling a movie … for most of the most successful writers in Hollywood, it is not unusual to go ten years before selling your first screenplay.

Weiner concluded:

The guys that are successful, they crank out screenplay after screenplay. They’d write a screenplay, send it around, and very frequently, everyone would pass. And they would just keep writing. They would put it aside and write another screenplay. Send it out. Get rejected. Start another screenplay. Just keep going, going, going. And suddenly, they start to sell. The other thing that happens is the more you write, the more your craft improves.

Press play below to listen on SoundCloud…