Frank Bruni’s Audiobook Revelation

By Jason Boog Comment

9781594202315L.jpgThe solitary life of a writer had two unexpected side-effects for Frank Bruni: it made his battle with compulsive overeating more difficult and made him less aware how many intimate details he revealed while writing his memoir.

At The Daily Beast today, the NY Times restaurant critic talked about his new book, “Born Round.” During the long interview, the journalist revealed his love for Kit Kat bars and discussed how an audiobook recording changed the way he looked at his book.

Here’s more from the Book Beast: “[W]hen I recorded the audiobook, because you do that, you’re in a booth and there are technicians right outside of it, and I had to read word-for-word the entire book. And only then I realized how extraordinarily personal and intimate some of it was, and how bound some of it was to be consumed by strangers; it was at those moments when I was recording the book. I was doing it looking through a pane of glass at two utter strangers who were hearing me confess and cop to all this stuff in real time.”