Beta Readers Help Edit Self-Published Book

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Because of his brother’s tepid experience with a traditional agent and a traditional publishing house, author Francis Tapon decided to self-publish when he wrote his first book.

To do so, he created a publishing company called WanderLearn, bought a set of 10 ISBN numbers and used creative low cost ways to get his work edited and designed.

In an interview with eBookNewser, he explains how he found an editor. He said: “Instead of hiring an editor, I found two amateur editors (people very finicky about the English language) who were willing to edit my book for free. In addition, I had dozens of ‘Beta Readers’ who signed up for getting drafts of the manuscript in exchange for their feedback. Some people love seeing books before they go to print and they love the power that they can influence the author’s final work. With all those eyeballs scrutinizing the manuscript, there were no more errors in the book than if it had been professionally edited. I effectively crowd-sourced the editing of my book.”