Follow Friday, the extended edition: @GCPEditor

By David Comment

grand_central.gifWord on the street–er, our inbox–is that a young editor at Grand Central Publishing has started a twitter account called GCP Editor Gal, about “the oh-so-glamorous life of a book editor.”

Here’s the word: “In addition to tweeting about general tasks and responsibilities, GCP Editor Gal will also share her thoughts on corporate life and relevant industry events and goings-on outside of the workplace. Being an editor doesn’t stop at 5pm, after all! The account will be run by one individual in the GCP Editorial Department, but all editors will send along relevant information.”

We’ve seen our share of anonymous publishing blogs, but we’re always open to new voices, so tweet away, Editor Gal. She’s already got more than 500 followers, and @GalleyCat is one of them. If you want more editor action on Twitter, check out our Best Book Editors on Twitter list.