Fidel Castro to Publish Memoir

By Maryann Yin Comment

What does an 83-year-old former Cuban president do during retirement? Publish your autobiography series is as good of an option as any. Fidel Castro is currently penning the first volume of his memoirs, The Strategic Victory. Barbara Walters interviewed Fidel Castro in the 20/20 episode embedded above from YouTube.

The Guardian reports: “Over 25 chapters Castro recounts, using maps, photographs and diagrams, how his outnumbered rebels routed the dictator and paved the way for their triumphant march into Havana on 1 January 1959. “The defeat of the enemy offensive after 74 days of incessant combat marked a strategic turning point in the war,” according to excerpts from an article Castro published on a state website this week.”

Earlier in the week, GalleyCat reported on two other world leader-turned-authors. Gordon Brown is preparing a tome on current global financial issues. Pope Benedict XVI has written a children’s book entitled, The Friends of Jesus.