Fans Petition for Deadpool to Serve as a Host on Saturday Night Live

By Maryann Yin Comment

Andrew Stege, a fan of the Deadpool film adaptation, has launched a petition. He hopes to encourage producer Lorne Michaels, actor Ryan Reynolds, and NBC to allow the “Merc with a Mouth” to host an episode of Saturday Night Live.

So far, the petition has drawn more than 72,000 signatures. Recently, Reynolds responded with a tweet (embedded above) that claims Deadpool was “going to host back in the 90s, but then this happened.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Reynolds and his alter-ego have been making waves at the box office — the R-rated film grossed a record-breaking $132.7 million over its debut weekend, giving it one of the best showings ever for a superhero film.” Click on these links to watch an IMAX trailera teaser trailer, the red band version of the first trailer, and the second trailer. (via A.V. Club)