Fans Flock for Next Installment in Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” Series

By Jason Boog Comment

Yesterday marked the release of Brandon Sanderson’s “The Gathering Storm,” the next book in a beloved “Wheel of Time” series by the late Robert Jordan. As that video reveals, fans mobbed the Brigham Young University bookstore opening at midnight, looking for copies of the sequel. “I’ve been waiting since I was 16,” says one fan.

If you are looking for more “Wheel of Time” news, GalleyCat has written about how the book’s network of fans are helping with promotional efforts for the book. Also, we interviewed Sanderson earlier this year about the future of fantasy and digital publishing.

Here’s an excerpt from that interview, as Sanderson hinted at the highly anticipated conclusion of the series: “I’m one of four people who have read this ending out of the millions of people who are waiting for it…It was a reverent experience, a surreal experience. I don’t think it really hit home for me what I was doing until I sat down and read that…It was a daunting experience saying, ‘This is where the 11th book ended, and this is where I’ve got to end up.’ There was a big gap.”