Evangeline Lilly Has Written a Children’s Book

By Jason Boog Comment

News of celebrity children’s books has been flying furiously this year. In the interview embedded above, Lost star Evangeline Lilly reveals she’s written a children’s book.

Here’s an excerpt Huffington Post article: “She went on to tell Craig about a children’s book she has written called ‘The Squickerwonkers’ and then to recite the beginning of the book to him. She ended with the mysterious ‘but there’s a secret that lies behind the Squickerwonkers’ name, a horrible secret that give Squickerwonkers shame’ — and told Craig that he’d have to read the book to discover the secret.”

We hope that these secrets reveal some of the many unresolved issues that Lost left behind concerning children. Why were babies kidnapped on the island? What happened to Walt? And, most importantly, what the heck was the animal skull baby in the sixth season?