Egypt Protest Stories Translated into English, Spanish & German

By Jason Boog Comment

Between the language barrier and the Internet shutdown, it is difficult for readers around the world to hear stories from Egypt. The website Alive in Egypt has been translating voicemail messages from Egypt–telling these stories in English, Spanish, and German so the world can follow the momentous protests.

As we reported yesterday, Twitter, Google and SayNow have created a new tool to help Egyptian voices be heard–Speak2Tweet. Thousands of readers are already following the inspiring voicemail messages. Alive in Egypt has been translating these messages.

Here is one story: “We’re all going to the Million March, we must get this tyrant out of Egypt. God will help us and be on our side. Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. We’ve killed the fear in our hearts. Please don’t be afraid, O Egyptian O Egyptian O Egyptian. I don’t speak for any party, but I am Egyptian, I don’t have anything to do with politics, but I want my rights. My rights that have been stripped away for 30 years.”

Here’s another  story: “I’m a doctor from Demitta. I’m living the happiest moments in my life. I feel I’m alive! I drive my car in my city feeling very happy! I don’t meet police officers and I’m not stopped in police ambushes.”

Here is one more story: “My name is Ahmad and I am in the Tahrir Square. I would love to thank the army that said it will not resort to violance. But we are not afraid eitherway. We feat no one and we want a civilian government and the current government is on its last breath. It is sending out thugs to make the army fire on people. I am telling Egyptians not to believe this rumor> We know these tricks and tomorrow will be a festive day and we will do what no one else did before and the dictator will leave and Egypt will return better than before.

According to the site, here are the Twitter users responsible for the translation site: @baghdadbrian, @habibh, @SteveWysh, @npdoty, @edbice, @meedan,@smallworldnews, @joshmull , and @SmallWorldNews