Edit Cat in Our Pet Parade

By Jason Boog Comment

Everybody could use novelist Alan Goldsher‘s editing cat in their lives. He writes: “Here’s my cat Moto helping me edit my latest novel.  He’s a fine editor, except his lack of opposable thumbs make it difficult for him to write down notes.”

GalleyCat readers around the globe have joined our annual Pet Parade, sending photos of their literary pets.

More photos follow below–we will collect all the entries at this link.

Author Mike Edison sent that photo: “This is Jeepster, aka “Kitty Porn,” helping me do research for my book Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! Chappy Channukah from NYC!”


Katie Hatz submitted that picture of a scribbling cat: “Here is a photo of my cat, Indiana Jones, with glasses photoshopped onto him to complete the scene. (Note that the glasses are red, which is a very festive color and therefore quite parade-worthy.) Indy and I live in Philly where I work as a graphic designer. He loves hot pink, feathers, and a good hearty spanking. You don’t have to include that last part if you don’t want to, but it’s the truth.”


Novelist Clea Simon explained her literary cat: “‘Yur plots iz twisted like mai whiskas.’ This is Musetta, chief cat and inspiration for Esmé in my Dulcie Schwartz mysteries.”

Fantasy author Rebecca Ryals Russell sent that photo of a kitten in a box.


KSW sent that photo: “Emi is from Kildare, Ireland and loves the snow!”


The Literary Review poetry editor Renee Ashley sent that photo: “This is Steven Arthur. Relaxing. He’s a pound fellow, about 5 years old, and according to his DNA test, Boxer and Irish Setter. He looks, however, exactly like a black German Short-haired Pointer.”