eBook Summit Speakers Featured in NY Times & Publishers Weekly

By Jason Boog Comment

Two eBook Summit speakers were featured in The New York Times and Publishers Weekly today. Electric Literature founders Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum will join our Digital Storytelling panel at the Summit on December 15th, 2010.

At Publishers Weekly, Hunter described his journal: “This isn’t an essay on how to build an ark. It’s about two boys who built a raft.” In the same way, their eBook Summit presentation will focus on practical, scalable lessons for publishers and authors hoping to create content for tablet computers, eBooks, enhanced eBooks, iPad apps.

The duo also helped author Stephen Elliott create an iPhone and iPad app for his memoir, The Adderall Diaries. ere’s more from the New York Times: “Electric Literature is a literary journal that enlists all manner of digital formats, like PDFs, Kindle, iPhone, YouTube animations. The money saved by not using a printer ($5,000 by their reckoning) goes to pay five authors $1,000 each for appearing in the journal. In the more than a year since the founding, Mr. Hunter and Mr. Lindenbaum said in an interview at their offices, the challenges of marketing a digital journal have taken up the bulk of their time, rather than finding great writing to publish.”