eBook Summit Book Pitch Party Finalists

By Jason Boog Comment

ebooksummit23.jpgWe combed through a massive stack of book proposals this week, carefully selecting a varied and inspiring mix of finalists to feature at our Book Pitch Party on November 3rd. These writers will each deliver a short book pitch to a crowd of supportive readers, writers, and publishing professionals–three writers will win a free ticket to Mediabistro’s eBook Summit.

Our first-ever Book Pitch Party will be held on November 3, 2010 in New York City at Underbar (W New York – Union Square). We will  showcase the work of 10 talented writers, share practical book proposal advice for all writers, and help aspiring writers network with publishing professionals (including our distinguished judges).

Follow this link to RSVP for the party. 21st Century writers use book proposal materials every day: as an elevator pitch, as eBook copy, as digital catalog description, and as online outreach. No matter what you write, you can learn something at the party–our list of finalists features everything from novels to memoirs to travel books to family handbooks.

The eBook Summit Book Pitch Party Finalists

1. The Robin Hood of Harlem: The Complex Criminal Life of Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson, a biography by Margaret Johnson and Leonard J. Greene

2. Swing Set, an erotic comedy by Joanna Kadish.

3. No More Tears: A Mom’s Guide to 50 Fabulous Trips, a travel guide by Anne Uglum.

4. The Bent , a gritty verse novel by Rachel Kann

5. The Speed At Which I Travel, an earthbound sci-fi novel by Chris Cole.

6.  Across the River: A City Girl Finds Peace In Greener Pastures, a coming-of-age at 40 memoir by Tina Traster.

7. Parents Know Poop: 100 Toilet Training Tips, a lighthearted handbook by Andi Silverman.

8. Once Beneath the Stars, an inspirational novel based on the real life story of quarterback paralyzed in a freak accident by Roseann S. Lentin.

9. The Prodigal Hour, a time travel thriller by Will Entrekin.

10. In Easy to Epic: One Woman’s Arizona Trail 300 Adventure and Beyond, a sports memoir about competing in a 300-mile mountain bike race by Mary Reynolds.