eBook Summit in the Press

By Jason Boog Comment

4190786570_667355ba19_m.jpgAs mediabistro.com’s eBook Summit concluded last week, a crack team of publishing journalists captured the heady conversation. Check out our photos here.

PaidContent led the charge, writing about the summit debate over advertising in eBooks , Sony’s e-reading strategy, and Google Books’ plans for 2010.

In addition, Publishers Weekly and The Bookseller both wrote about the passionate debate over Amazon’s $9.99 eBook pricing model–led by Books on Board founder and CEO Bob Livolsi.

MobyLives cheered about an Amazon.com pricing debate: “Finally: much hullabaloo is being made of the fact that, at an ‘ebook summit’ staged by Mediabistro, someone said what MobyLives has been saying since we started, which is that Amazon.com is breaking the law.” Beattie’s Book Blog concurred.

Tomorrow’s Book did not agree: “When you’ve got a bloated overhead and a system more geared toward servicing the middleman than serving the consumer, such concern is warranted. Having no such overhead, we are less concerned, as the system deserves to die.”

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez had this excellent round up of ideas he took away from the conference.

DMNews had a general round-up of the Summit.

Laura Dawson had a nice transcript from the Open Road Media keynote.

App Scout reported on Google Book news from the Summit.

Columnist Bonnie Kogos wrote up the conference in a Sadbury Star article.

Charlie Beckett wrote about the for POLIS. An excerpt: “Pirates, agnostics and cannibals, oh my! Who ever said digital publishing was boring?”

Finally, Bufo Calvin did the math and explained “why Amazon is losing money at $9.99, and why that would make sense for them to do [so].”