eBook Readers: Market Creators or Segmenters?

By Jason Boog Comment

speaker_joshuabenton_100x100.jpgAlongside GalleyCat and eBookNewser, our West Coast sibling BayNewser has been covering the eBook Summit–supplementing our coverage with some fascinating points.

Blogger E.B. Boyd wrote about: Sony’s Digital Reading Division president Steve Haber on the business of cannibalizing and Google Books betting system for eReaders.

Best of all, her coverage included this excellent portion of a presentation by Joshua Benton from Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab “For books, the Kindle is a market creator: The people who buy a Kindle, after they buy a Kindle, they buy a lot more books … I have the Kindle iPhone app, and I have bought books that I would not have bought otherwise … But in the news world, do people read more news because of the Kindle? Are people more likely to pay for news because it comes on a Kindle? I think the answer is no. I think the Kindle is a market segmenter [not a market creator]”