eBook Pricing in The US Versus The UK

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

luzmeThere are many opinions on how to price an eBook and therefore eBook prices can be wildly different. This fact is especially true when comparing the pricing models in different countries.

eBook price comparison site Luzme did a comparison of eBook prices in the US with those price on eBooks in the UK and discovered some differences. The company found that the average price for an eBook is the US is anywhere from $1 up to $10, with the most popular range $1-2. However, eBooks that earned the most revenue cost $9-10. In the UK, on the other hand, the most popular price for an eBook was less than £1 and this category also generated the most revenue.

TechCrunch has more from the report:

In the UK, there is usually a fierce price war going on between Amazon and some new entrant; currently it is Sainsburys, previously it was Sony and Nook. But there is usually someone trying to buy market share by discounting the price. Previously we had the 20p offer from Sony, now 99p seems more common. In the USA, the current tussle appears to be between the existing ebook stores and the new startups wanting to sell you a subscription model (aka “Netflix/Spotify for ebooks”)