David Wolman Turns Journalistic Archive Into eBook

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

firsthandJournalist/author David Wolman has created an eBook based on his personal archive of journalism work called Firsthand: A Decade of Reportage. He will continue to add to the eBook as he expands his catalog of work.

One of the reasons that Wolman created the book is to answer the question, “What do you write about?” He explains why this is a tough question in the eBook’s introduction. Check it out:

…assembling this collection of favorites from the past decade has forced me to think about the subjects that draw me in. Egyptian revolutionaries. Nuclear waste sites. Spelling reformers. Misunderstood criminals. Genteel doomsayers. Brazen engineers. Autistic activists. Pro-GMO environmentalists. The Illinois man whose left hand was sewn onto his right wrist.

To purchase the eBook, readers must pay $9.99 and share their email address. The Atavist, the publishing platform that Wolman is using, will use this information to build up a contact list for future marketing purposes.