Dave Eggers Sends Soothing Mass Email

By Jason Boog Comment

7857_eggers_dave.gifAs the Dave Eggers-penned film, “Away We Go” opens this weekend, the publisher and author made good on a promise to email anyone worried about the future of print.

During an Authors Guild event in his honor recently, Eggers offered to send a reassuring email anyone panicked about the future of newspapers, books, and the printed word. It turns out lots and lots of people were worried about the future, so Eggers sent a mass email to these readers.

Book Bench has an excerpt: “To survive, the newspaper, and the physical book, needs to set itself apart from the web. Physical forms of the written word need to offer a clear and different experience. And if they do, we believe, they will survive. Again, this is a time to roar back and assert and celebrate the beauty of the printed page. Give people something to fight for, and they will fight for it. Give something to pay for, and they’ll pay for it.”