Dave Eggers Completes Nonfiction Book about Hurricane Katrina

By Jason Boog Comment

3611182842_2abca4623e.jpgDave Eggers made literary headlines once again, breaking the news that his new nonfiction book, “Zeitoun,” will come out next month–a story about how one Muslim-American family experienced Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Eggers discussed the book in a long interview at The Rumpus. In the last week, Eggers has kept the literary news cycle churning: launching a film he co-wrote, penning a new storybook-based novel, and reassuring readers about the future of print.

Here’s more from the interview: “We vet books as thoroughly as anyone, but then when they’re ready to go to press we send them to press. There’s not much of a delay between when they’re ready and when they’re available to readers. For Zeitoun, the gap was about six weeks. We sent it to press in mid-May and it’ll come out in early July, depending on how far from the printer we need to truck the books. The printer’s in Canada, so maybe if you’re in Canada you’ll get it at the end of June.”