Dan Pyne To Publish Two Thrillers

By Jason Boog Comment

danpayneAlcatraz show runner and screenwriter Dan Pyne has inked a deal for two thrillers with Blue Rider Press.

Victoria Sanders of Victoria Sanders & Associates negotiated the deal with publisher David Rosenthal.

Here’s more about the first novel, coming out in 2015: “50 Mice is a provocative Kafkaesque thriller that asks: What would you do if one morning, you awaken to your quietly midlevel life, certain that something is askew?”

You can read more about his novels at this link.

Pyne has worked on screenplays for The Manchurian Candidate remake, Any Given Sunday, Pacific Heights, and Fracture. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he explained how screenwriting has influenced his novels:

I learned to write really concisely, which I now enjoy very much. I enjoy that I don’t have to use a whole paragraph to create an image in somebody’s head that’s clear. The other thing is I also recognize that some of these pop novels have a motor in them that’s been defined by movies or my television, so I have tried to take what I’ve learned as a dramatic writer, as a film writer, and bring it back to the novel, the kinds of novels that I love and give them the kind of narrative drive that we’ve come to expect from any of our entertainment or story-telling now. You can’t deny that movies have affected the way we read.