Connecticut Reveals Plans for Improved E-Book Program

By Dianna Dilworth 

The Connecticut State Library wants to make it easier for patrons to check out e-books without having to download third-party apps.

The organization has revealed plans for a new statewide library e-book platform so that readers only have to download one app for their iOS or Android devices to check out e-books from their local library. Patrons will also be able to access a statewide library to access additional content.

Library Connection is working with 30 libraries across that already share an integrated library system CONNECT. In addition, the library system has teamed up with the New York Public Library to help use the technology behind their integrated app, SimplyE app, for use in Connecticut.

“The Ferguson Library has offered eBooks since 2002. But it has never been easy for our users,” stated Alice Knapp, president of The Ferguson Library. “That is why we are so excited to be working with the Connecticut State Library and the New York Public Library in a pilot for the eGO app, which will bring all of our e-Material together for easy discovery and even easier reading and/or listening.”