Collecting Great Author Photos

By Jason Boog Comment


What’s your favorite author photo? Love them or hate them, these photographs influence opinions about books.

If you look for “great author photos” online, all you will find is examples of bad author photos. So we want to see your favorite photographs.

No irony! Just show us the author photos that you loved. Share a link in the comments section and we will add your name and link to this post.

If you are looking to take an author photograph, author Mary Robinette Kowal offered some great advice:

the level of professionalism you show here reflects on how seriously you take the whole package. People do, in fact, judge a book by its cover and you, my dear, are part of the cover … If you have a local friend who is an actor, ask them who takes their headshots. If you don’t, contact the best theater in town and ask them if they can recommend a photographer who does headshots.

(Image via Horia Varlan)