Chuck Norris Tells America How It’s Gonna Be


By Neal Comment

It’s my understanding that there’s an official video in the works for The Truth About Chuck Norris, a new instabook based on the popular website which shares “400 facts about the world’s greatest human,” but in the meantime, this ad for Mike Huckabee‘s presidential campaign will more than suffice:

On his 4Q website, Ian Spector, the creator of the “facts” cited by Huckabee (and dozens more besides), is taking it all in stride. “I never had any intentions of these Chuck Norris Facts getting so popular in the first place,” Spector writes, “so the fact that they’ve now entered into mainstream politics is rather surprising and enjoyable, but not really in the traditional sense. You know how if you’ve ever played a prank, and somehow it keeps ‘going further and further’? Sort of like that.” He also wonders if other presidential candidates will embrace the Internet to get ahead: “Personally, I’d really like to see Barack Obama featured in Soulja Boy’s next single, Rudy Giuliani doing the ‘Evolution of Dance,’ or Hilary Clinton covering ‘Dick in a Box.’ That’ll get the kids to go out and vote.”