CD To Pay Tribute to Larry Brown

By Carmen Comment

larry brown.jpg

When Mississippi author Larry Brown died in 2005, the literary world mourned the surprise passing of the author of THE BOOK OF JOE, BIG BAD LOVE and several other award-winning novels. This year, the tributes keep on coming, the Clarion Ledger reports, as Chicago record label Bloodshot Records has announced it will release a musical tribute to Brown on May 22 to coincide with the Algonquin Booksrelease of his final novel, A MIRACLE OF CATFISH. Titled JUST ONE MORE: A MUSICAL TRIBUTE TO LARRY BROWN, the CD will feature 19 tracks from a host of roots and blues-oriented musicians from Mississippi and beyond, including Cary Hudson, Caroline Herring, T-Model Ford, Tate Moore, and Tim Lee North.

“The simple concept of this disc was to put together a mix tape of sorts, the type of thing that Larry would have enjoyed listening to as he drove his little truck into the gloam’ with a cooler full of beer and an ass pocket of something that burns a little bit on the way down,” explained producer Tim Lee on Bloodshot Records‘ website. “I knew him and I admired his work, and you didn’t have to know Larry well to have a keen awareness of his love of music.” Mary Annie Brown, Larry’s wife concurred, saying, “Larry absolutely loved music. I think he wished sometimes that he had the talent to do music for a living. He always played his guitar every night. If he had to skip playing, he would always say he felt like the day was wasted.”